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Pricing for the 2020 – 2021 Season

Our basic pricing includes lodging for your entire stay.

Meals are not included with any of our hunts. You are responsible for your own food. However, lodging does come furnished with any items you need to cook a good, homecooked meal (i.e. stove, microwave, grill, etc.)

Archery Only Hunts

Our archery hunts are priced based on either a five-day hunt or a three-day hunt. The five-day hunts are Wednesday through Sunday, while the three-day hunts are Friday through Sunday. We try to rest our properties on Monday and Tuesday. We use this time to check cameras and make any necessary adjustments to stand sets. However, we can still offer Mondays and/or Tuesdays in limited numbers if you wish to add those days. Simply let us know what you want and we will arrange it. There will be an additional charge of $250.00 per day for those days added to the base price.

Compound, recurve, and long bows are allowed during the entire archery season. Crossbows are allowed after the second firearm season or with the appropriate disability permit available for download at the Illinois DNR website.
Archery permits are available via the Illinois DNR lottery system. We have a large number of permits available in our counties. Consequently, drawing permits has been virtually 100%.

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Weeks Oct. 1st thru Oct. 22nd
3 day Friday thru Sunday ……… $750.00
5 day Wednesday thru Sunday ……… $1,100.00

Week of Oct. 23rd thru 29th
3 day Friday thru Sunday ……… $1,100.00
5 day Wednesday thru Sunday ……… $1,800.00

Week of Oct. 30th thru Nov. 5th
3 day Friday thru Sunday ……… $1,300.00
5 day Wednesday thru Sunday ……… $2,000.00

Week of Nov. 6th thru Nov. 12th
3 day Friday thru Sunday ……… $1,800.00
5 day Wednesday thru Sunday ……… $2,200.00

Week of Nov. 13th thru 19th
4 day only Monday thru Thursday ……… $2,000.00

Week of Nov. 20th thru 27th (Thanksgiving Week)
3 day Friday thru Sunday ……… $1,300.00
5 day Wednesday thru Sunday ……… $2,000.00

All bow only hunts after Thanksgiving are $200.00 per day.


Firearm Only Hunts

The Illinois firearm season is split into three different seasons and allows shotgun (slugs only) or muzzleloader. Illinois law prohibits the use of rifles for deer hunting. The actual season dates vary from year to year. The seasons are as follows:

1st gun season falls on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday prior to Thanksgiving.

2nd gun season falls on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the week following Thanksgiving.

3rd gun season falls on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday following the 2nd season. During this season, only muzzleloaders are permitted.

Firearm permits are available via the Illinois DNR lottery system. You may draw either the 1st and 2nd seasons OR the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Nonresidents are not allowed all three firearm seasons; however, residents are. Our firearm hunts are priced per hunt; therefore, you only hunt one of the three seasons listed above. If you do not fill your tag during your scheduled hunt, additional firearm hunts can be purchased if available.

NOTE: Illinois now allows archers to bow hunt during the 1st and 2nd firearm seasons, if they have successfully drawn a firearm permit. Also, archers can bow hunt during the 3rd firearm season without a firearm permit.

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1st 3 day gun season ……… $2,500.00
2nd 4 day guns season ……… $2,750.00
3rd 3 day muzzleloader only season ……… $2,000.00


Archery / Firearm Combo

We offer several different archery/firearm combos from which to choose.

Option 1

Seven (7) day hunt, including four days of archery hunting immediately followed by the 1s three day firearm season. With this hunt option, you get the potential to harvest two bucks. Now with the ability to bow hunt during the gun season (with the purchase of a gun tag) even the archery-only hunter can purchase this hunt.

Option 2

Eight (8) day hunt, including the 1st three-day firearm season immediately followed by five days of archery hunting into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Option 3

Eleven (11) day Super Combo Hunt , including the 2nd four-day firearm season and the following seven days with bow and muzzleloader through the 3rd firearm season (open to both gun and muzzleloader) *Note: Duck season is also open during this hunt and you can add duck hunting for an additional $200.00 per day.

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Option 1 ……… $4,000.00

Option 2 ……… $4,200.00

Option 3 ………. $5,000.00


Duck & Geese

Our duck season opens in mid-November and runs through late January. This offers over 60 days of duck hunting. With the late snow goose nuisance season extending into March, we can offer almost four months of waterfowl hunting. Our hunting strategies consist of; standing timber, pit blinds, layout blinds, and boat blinds. Our ducks are scouted every morning and evening to determine the best locations for your success. Our duck hunts are custom built to meet your specific needs. Since duck hunting is commonly done in groups, we offer group and length of trip discounts.

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$200 per day, lodging not included. 1 youth, 12 yrs and under are FREE with a paid adult.

Group discounts available.


Deer and Duck Combo

This combo offers you the ability to hunt deer and ducks both on the same trip. You will duck hunt in the morning and then deer hunt in the afternoon. We leave a lot of standing corn and soybeans on our properties for the late season, so this is another great time to kill a trophy buck. These hunts are custom built to your needs, and just like the duck hunts, we offer group and length of trip discounts. Please contact us for pricing.


A high density of turkeys sets our area apart from other regions. And what distinguishes us from other outfitters is our extra effort to locate turkeys. Using proven tactics, our turkey hunts begin prior to dawn listening for gobblers on the roost. If the birds do not cooperate coming off the roost we will prospect (walk and call), trying to find a tom. Glassing open fields often helps locate a lonely tom. A second benefit we offer is the countless farms we have access to. This offers us the opportunity to relocate as needed if the birds on a given farm are playing hard ball. After the 1:00 p.m. cutoff, we will continue to scout and roost a tom for the next day, if necessary. Since we often fill tags on the first day, we price our hunts by the day.

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1-3 days ……… $200.00/day
4-7 days ……… $175.00/day


Custom Packages:

If we don’t list a package that you may want, we will custom build a package for you.

Book your Illinois Whitetail and Waterfowl hunt today!

Important Hunt Info:

Here are a few things to bring for your next waterfowl hunt:
  • Shotgun shells
  • Waders
  • Guns
  • Illinois Hunting License, State/Federal Waterfowl Stamp, and HIP Registration
  • Camo clothing, rain gear
  • Snacks

Tips are not required, though they are customary. Our guides make their wages by the tips they earn. If you have an enjoyable time on your hunt, your support is greatly appreciated.

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